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The Bow Legger is part of a “Motion Control System” that is one of most innovative new products available to archers today. The Bow Legger is a “Hands Free Bow Holder” that keeps your bow in an upright position on the inside of your leg, within reach. One smooth motion and your bow is in a shooting position, Minimizing Motion from Rest to Full Draw. The Bow Legger is a simple, durable product that is strapped on to the archer’s leg. The bow then rests in a pocket and is stabilized by the retention hook that the cables of the bow lean against. This keeps the bow within arms reach and in an upright position, between the legs of the bow hunter, requiring minimal motion from rest to full draw.

Have you ever spooked a buck away because he was in shooting range before you knew he was there? Did you have to retrieve your bow off from a hook and into shooting position, or up from your lap and into position? The buck picked up your movement and was gone… These movements are what the natural defenses of the whitetail deer are instinctively skilled at detecting. There are three things that will get you into trouble when a buck is within shooting range, scent, noise and motion. Controlling each of these issues as best that you can will improve your chances of harvesting of a whitetail buck.

The other aspects of the Bow Legger that you will enjoy are comfort and safety. Once you are in your tree stand, your Bow Legger holds your bow for you, allowing you do other things like, putting your gloves and face mask on, getting comfortable for a long sit on stand, checking the wind, all without worry of dropping your bow. While hunting from a stand, you can use your binoculars; grunt tube; or rattling antlers with both hands and not have to worry about your bow. You can also keep your hands in your pockets for those cold days on the stand. All of these aspects about hunting can done while your bow is ready to be drawn, not hanging at arms length on a hook.

“The Bow Legger won’t guarantee you that you will get you buck, but it will greatly improve your odds.”

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